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Though he has spent most of his life in front of the camera – J. Byron has been an ardent photographic artist for many years. In taking pictures of still life, Byron’s purpose is to capture a second of splendor that he can transfer to a piece of canvas for a lifetime of enjoyment. When they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” J. Byron offers up “a photographer’s eye is everything - it’s the way the photo artist observes something that no one else sees.” Furthermore, Byron has taken the art of digital photography to another level with his fascination of digital enhancement and what he calls “photographic painting.” Recording the image is only the first of many steps. “In many ways I use a brush (be it a digital one) like a conventional painter. I can change colors, or add things that aren’t there, or remove things that are – until I am satisfied that my work is done.”

His passion for photographic painting has taken him all over the world. Recent trips to the Santa Barbara coastline and the island of Kauai inspired his latest collection, and his current quest is capturing the essence of the California desert. An avid golfer – Byron also brings his photographic sensibilities to the sport that symbolizes the surrounding area.

If he looks familiar - Jeffrey Byron (his actor alias) has been a recognizable figure in both movies and television. Jeffrey just finished filming a role in the newest STAR TREK movie directed by JJ Abrams and scheduled to be in theatres in May of 2009. With contract roles on “One Life To Live” and “All My Children,” and recurring roles on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “Port Charles,” Jeffrey has also made a contribution to the world of daytime dramas. As a national spokesperson Jeffrey has pitched “Alcoa Aluminum,” “Chevrolet,” “Excedrin,” and “Alka-Mints” just to name a few.

His producing chores have gotten under way with the development of his beloved stepfather’s works. Jeffrey controls the rights to the entire Robert Nathan library, which contains over 45 titles. He’s also just completed his new comprehensive website (robertnathanlibrary.com). In January of 2007 Material Entertainment in association with New Line Cinema optioned Nathan’s “Juliet in Mantua.” Jeffrey will produce. His long-term goal is to bring the novels to film and television - creating a franchise reminiscent of Stephen King.

Jeffrey comes from a distinguished show business family. His mother was veteran actress Anna Lee who played the role of “Lila Quartermaine” on ABC's “General Hospital” for twenty-five years. His previously mentioned stepfather was writer Robert Nathan, who is responsible for such novels as “Portrait of Jennie” and “The Bishop's Wife,” and his godfather was the legendary film director John Ford!